Quilting of fabrics

Quilting of fabrics is the first main activity of Izitex, which started back in 2000 in Stara Zagora with the purchase of our first quilting machine.  Over the years, we have been continuously gaining experience and developing our sustainable management approaches.

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Ultrasonic quilting 

We from Izitex can proudly say that we are one of the few factories that work with ultrasonic quilting machines. Ultrasonic bonding is a process in which high-frequency vibrations are created using special technology, which are able to pass between several layers of fabric.

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Production of silicone down

 It is used as a filling for pillows - for sleeping and decorative;  cushions and seats for sofas, as well as in the entire upholstery industry;  baby nests and roundabouts;  toys - knitted and sewn;  beds for dogs and cats;  decors for photoshoots and ceilings.

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