Lightweight duvets

Automated duvet cover production lines occupy an important part of Izitex's production capacity. Our production lines are high-tech and allow us to perform all the steps in the process of creating our final product - from laying fibers between the fabrics to quilting and  tailoring to the exact size our client needs . We offer wide range of possibilities for combinations of front fabrics, volume of the stuffing and quilt sizes.

This way we are able to create different products, each with its own unique specifications that fully meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual client.  Packaging, labeling, storing and logistics are also part of the post-production cycle of our items.  Our storage facilities allow us to store thousands of different types of products, which gives us flexibility in accepting and fulfilling your orders. 

We work with three different types of front fabric - cotton, polyester-cotton and microfiber.

The main parameters that are set when specifying each order are:

  • the type of front fabric;
  • the type of stuffing;
  • the weight of the duvet;
  • the way of edging;

Our front fabrics are distinguished from others by their high quality, dense stuffing and strict quality control that we perform during production. This ensures the promised high quality of every product offered by us.

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