The real actions we have taken and the investments we have made in recent years are specific and focused. We are committed to:

  •  Developing better products;
  •  Encouraging smarter consumption
  •  Having cleaner and environmentally-friendly production.

The management team of Izitex is responsible not only for the company's activities and its results, but also for the environmental footprint that this activity would leave on our planet.  European countries are some of the largest consumers of natural resources and the non-optimized use of those resources leads to the worst consequences for our planet compared to all other countries in the world.

For this reason, we as a team have set ourselves goals that we strive to achieve.We monitor the implementation of those goals on a six-month and annual basis, namely:

Energy-efficient lighting.  Our factory covers an area of ​​10000 sq.m.  All lighting fixtures located in it are energy-efficient according to the most recent environmental standards.

Energy-efficient machines.  Our machine park consists of a large number of quilting, sewing, primary and supporting machines. We are committed to reducing our footprint and that is why our machines are powered by energy-efficient engines.

Green energy.  One of the main goals of Izitex is sustainability. To achieve this, we are in the active process of building a photovoltaic park, whose green energy will meet our factory’s energy demands. This is one of our efforts to take the company's activities to a new and higher level in terms of reducing harmful emissions.

Zero waste.  We recycle all scraps and residual materials from our production to be later re-used 100% in the new production.

Natural gas.  We are constantly optimizing our transport and logistics processes and our company cars, buses and trucks run entirely on natural gas.

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