Bed covers

The production capacities which Izitex has invested in the recent years in are diverse in terms of parameters and volume of finished products. Bed covers occupy an important part of our portfolio and through the constant development of our technical capacity and storage space we managed to create a wide range of products occupying this category - different in both type and size.

There are two main types of technology that we employ during the production process  - quilting and ultrasonic quilting.  The first type is end-to-end quilting of all types of fabrics, including face fabrics up to 320 cm wide. The second type is non end-to-end quilting of fabrics. For this type the fabric which contain polyester and be up to 230 cm wide.

The finishing of the blankets themselves can be with an ultrasonic end or with.

The process of creating the finished product is closed and takes place entirely in our factory - from quilting the fabric, through cutting, sewing, packaging, labeling, storage and to logistics.  This allows us to exercise direct control during all stages and thus to guarantee to our customers and partners the reliability and quality of our products.

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