Ultrasonic quilting

We from Izitex can proudly say that we are one of the few factories that work with ultrasonic quilting machines. Ultrasonic bonding is a process in which high-frequency vibrations are created using special technology, which are able to pass between several layers of fabric.  These vibrations are targeted to specific parts of the fabric, which results in short but rapid rise of the temperature in those parts. This way the two fabrics are joined together.  Most importantly, this process  does not cause any melting or damage to the base material, as the vibrations are specifically directed to only the parts that need to be joined.

The ultrasonic quilting technology has many advantages including:

  • The use of glue and thread becomes redundant in this process
  • The gluing of the fabrics is very fast - it takes from 2 to 4 seconds and there is no heating on the rest of the surface.
  • The formed bond between the layers is very strong and long-lasting.
  • The process is completely eco-friendly – it has no negative consequences for the environment and it is also waste-free.

The materials that can be processed using ultrasonic quilting are synthetic.

The lining processed using this technology which is offered by Izitex  is 230 cm wide, and the weight of the cotton wool can vary as follows:

  • 40 g / m2
  • 60 g / m2
  • 80 g / m2
  • 100 g / m2
  • 120 g / m2
  • 150 g / m2
  • 180 g / m2
  • 200 g / m2

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