The production areas for the products in the Pillows category are located on an area stretching over several hundred square meters.  They are well-equipped with modern lines and production machines.  The production cycle of each individual pillow is completely closed.  The quilting of the front fabric, the cutting, the sewing process, the process of stuffing the pillows, the packaging and the quality control in all stages take place entirely in Izitex. This allows us to fulfill specific orders, different in both volume and technical specifications.  The characteristics of each pillow can be completely suited to the customer and their specific needs and requirements.

The main parameters that are set when specifying an order are:

  • the type of front fabric;
  • the type of stuffing;
  • the weight;
  • the method of closing;

The front fabrics which the pillows are made from can be quilted, plain or hydrophobic.  The options for the fillings are various – plain silicone down, granular silicone down, highly elastic polyurethane foam and goose down.

The quality of our pillows is guaranteed by the fact that we use high-quality raw materials for their production. We also apply established production practices and strictly monitor every stage of the whole production process to ensure we keep our quality promise.

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