In recent years, mattress and pillow protectors are being increasingly used in homes. Moreover,  they are also widely used in hotels, guest houses, hospitals and kindergartens. Protectors have become an integral part of the bedding used not only in such types institutions, but also in our own homes.

Izitex is a specialized manufacturer of this type of items and we offer them as one of the main items in our portfolio.

The mattress protectors that we produce are of two types - quilted protector “Izzy” and waterproof protector “Premium”. Both of them offer the same high quality promise like the rest of our product line.

Protector “Izzy” is a combination of quilted microfiber 100% PE and hydrophobic membrane 100% PE.  Premium, on the other hand, is made from 100% cotton fabric and includes an additional lower layer of waterproof membrane.

Both types of protectors are attached to the mattress through durable rubber bands at the four ends.  The standard sizes that we manufacture and keep in stock are 12. They cover all sizes of mattresses available on the market – ranging from 60x120 cm to 200x200 cm.

Our long experience allow us to produce different sizes and combinations of front fabrics and pads, which are fully suited to the specific needs and the parameters that each individual client pre-sets.

The pillow protectors we offer are also made of different combinations of fabrics and inner pads - microfiber, cotton, waterproof membrane, waterproof rubber membrane 100% PU.

The pillow protector has a zipper – so you can simply open it and place your pillow inside to have additional protection. The standard size of pillow protectors that we keep in stock is 50/70 cm.The possibilities for combinations of fabrics and sizes can also be tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

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