Quilting of fabrics

Quilting of fabrics is the first main activity of Izitex, which started back in 2000 in Stara Zagora with the purchase of our first quilting machine.  Over the years, we have been continuously gaining experience and developing our sustainable management approaches. This allowed us to become a leading manufacturer in this field that has built and established its name among numerous customers and partners.

By 2022, we already work with modern computer-operated multi-needle machines with a range of several thousand possible figures that can be sewn into the fabric.  The sizes of the figures vary greatly -  the smallest possible is 1x1 cm, whereas the largest is 30x30 cm. The figures which the fabrics are sewn with can also be the most diverse - straight lines, rhombuses, squares, wavy lines - all with different sizes according to the specific requirements of the order.

But what is exactly quilting?

Quilting is a method of stitching two or three fabrics together resulting in a denser layer that has different characteristics depending on its intended purpose.  Usually the top layer is the front fabric, the middle layer is cotton wool, and the third layer, if any present, is the backing fabric.

We quilt a wide range of types of front fabrics, leathers, mattress fabrics, linings.  We also offer double-sided quilting of linings for removable linings.

The mattress fabrics we produce are offered in 1 cm thick foam or 1 cm thick memory foam.

The cotton wool used for this process has a suitable width depending on the other layers, and its weight can be:

  • 40 g / m2
  • 60 g / m2
  • 80 g / m2
  • 100 g / m2
  • 120 g / m2
  • 150 g / m2
  • 180 g / m2
  • 200 g / m2
  • 250 g / m2

We also offer the use of non-woven padding – spunbod - with possible weight ranging from 13 g / m2 to 70 g / m2.  This pad serves as an extra protective layer between the cotton wool and the face fabric and limits the accumulation of hairs when touched or washed.

The possible options for combinations between front fabrics, cotton wool, padding and backing fabric are practically unlimited in terms of types fabrics and their weights.The quilting can be done entirely with our materials, as well as with materials provided by our clients for the specific order.

We also produce elastic quilted fabrics.

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